ThumbCal 1.4.3

Finger-friendly calendar app


  • Easy touchscreen access
  • Cool animation


  • Pretty buggy

Not bad

Let's face it, the built-in Calendar in Windows Mobile for Pocket PC isn't up to much. It's clunky and fiddly to operate and makes it difficult to quickly check the date and make appointments.

ThumbCal is designed to replace the default calendar on your handset with one that's easier to use. It's certainly a lot clearer, with big buttons as the dates that can be easily touched with a finger.

If you run the app with its bundled skin you'll get a slick black interface with white numbers and grey highlights.

By clicking a date or tapping it with your fingers you can access a menu where you can select 'Today' to return to the current day on the calendar.

You can choose 'New' to make an appointment for a particular date. Or at least, that's the theory. In practice, I couldn't get the feature to do anything, probably because this is an early alpha version.

Nevertheless it's good for checking dates in the future and goes up beyond the year 2100, so you can literally plan the rest of your life on it.

As you flip through the years, the calendar scrolls upwards, which looks pretty cool. Again though, it's hit and miss as to whether this feature will work.

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements

ThumbCal is customizable finger-friendly calendar, and is a very early alpha version. It is a handy calendar application that should replace the fumbly MS calendar.



ThumbCal 1.4.3

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